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    About Cloudwalk

    The National Team of AI: A More Efficient Provider of Man-Machi

    After years of profound cultivation in the industry, Cloudwalk has successively explored four major business areas, i.e. AI finance, AI governance, AI transportation and AI business. Cloudwalk has become the largest AI supplier in the financial industry, with a market share of 82.8%. Formulating the integrated solutions based on industry-leading AI, cognitive computing and big data technology, Cloudwalk provides intelligent, convenient and user-friendly AI experience for 300 million users around the world every day.
    As China’s development of new infrastructure deepens, Cloudwalk will always practice its original intention, devote itself to innovatively exploring man-machine coordination, defining AI life and strengthening the potential of mankind, and build a harmonious and warm AI-based future for the world.

    Development History

    • Dr. Zhou Xi led his team to win the championship of world pattern recognition and intelligent recognition competitions six times.
    • Dr. Zhou Xi was selected into the 100-Person Project of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.
    • The Chinese Academy of Sciences held a press conference to announce the official establishment of Cloudwalk.
    • Cloudwalk was designated to participate in the formulation of national and industrial standards with regard to AI.
      The first airport intelligent system in China was officially launched at Yinchuan Airport.
    • Cloudwalk undertake the construction of the national project of AI basic resources public service platform.
      Cloudwalk strategically cooperated with Shanghai Ideal Information Industry (Group) Co., Ltd. to promote the intelligentialization of China Telecom.
    • The AI technology developed by Cloudwalk was selected by the MIT as the “10 Breakthrough Technologies” in 2018.
    • Cloudwalk occupied a market share of more than 70% in the banking and airport industries.
      Cloudwalk was included in the “50 Smartest Companies” (TR50) list of MIT.
    • The Re-ID technology of Cloudwalk won the first prize in the National Artificial Intelligence Challenge.
      Cloudwalk was listed in the 2019 Hurun China Top 500 Private Enterprises.
    • The future is filled with infinite possibilities.

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